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Rabbi Danielle Upbin's Debut CD


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1. Yehi Shalom (Let There Be Peace)

2. Hashkivenu (Lay Me Down)

3. Amar Rabbi Elazar (Rabbi Elazar Taught)

4. Eli Eli (A Walk to Caesarea)

5. Hashivenu (Return Us to You)

6. Kol Haneshama (Every Soul/Every Breath) 

7. Kirtan Hallel

8. Only One Thing

9. Oseh Shalom (The One Who Makes Peace) 



Click on the images below to listen to Rabbi Dani's most recent music releases and recorded services performances

"Reveal the Light...this recording is an invitation into prayer... My hope is that as you listen, you will join me in chanting. Lift your voice and draw closer to the Mystery. I am grateful for the many souls who brought this project into fruition: First, to Fred Johnson, his voice and spiritual direction are a gift from the One. Jay Klein, whose knowledge of music and commitment to Spirit drove the production. Reverend Abhi Janamanchi and the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Clearwater for your hospitality and friendship; The Institute for Jewish Spirituality; Joyce Liu; Blake Lenett, Lily Lucey, Andi Szmiga and Congregation Beth Shalom of Clearwater; my parents, for their limitless support; and my Yedid Nefesh, David Weizman and our four little lights – you keep me going everyday. The One Spirit/Ha’Kadosh Baruch Hu: Gallay K’vod Malchutecha Aleinu B’mheira, May we merit to perceive the unfolding of Your light speedily in our days. Thank You for setting me on this path."

- Rabbi Danielle Upbin

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Danielle uploads weekly to the Congregation Beth Shalom YouTube channel. Check it out for more regular content, special series behind her music, Jewish teachings, messages for Shabbat and more!

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