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Rabbi Danielle Upbin

Rabbi Danielle Upbin is available as a Scholar-in-Residence or guest prayer leader for your Jewish community. She also does private consulting as a “Spiritual Coach” for life cycle events, such as: baby namings, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings and funerals. She can also help you to personally augment or deepen your spiritual lines of connection.



Examples of workshops and lectures that Rabbi Dani can bring to your community


A Mystical Movement Journey through the Hebrew Letters

Learning to live more deeply and spiritually through the power of the Hebrew letters, exploring the meaning of each letter and their application to self awareness and spiritual connection. This workshop includes gentle movement and embodiment of the shape and spirit of the letters as well as some history and Jewish texts related to the Hebrew letters. 

The B.I.M.A Method

Mindful practices and positive intentions from the Jewish tradition to relieve stress and foster resilience. 

Journey Through Jewish Spirituality

An exploration of Jewish practices, rituals, and values that enrich and heighten daily life.

Mindfulness + Jewish Spirituality

The Power of Gratitude: Turning everyday into Thanksgiving 


Live in Awe:  A Jewish prescription for cultivating joy and abundance


Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation Practice


Everyday Mindfulness for Navigating Life’s Little Challenges

Coaching on Legacy Writing and Ethical Wills


Healing Circles and Spiritual Guidance Through Transitions


Ethics of Speech

ReJEWvinate: Engaging Jewish practice every day

Living Jewish: Like you mean it and the rituals that will get you there

Radical Amazement: Waking up to the beauty of the world in every moment

Living Life’s Blessings: Mindful, Thankful, and Joyful

One Hundred Blessings and Counting

TIkkun Olam: Repairing a fractured world one mitzvah at a time

Standing at Sinai: An exploration of Matan Torah as an event and the ongoing nature of Revelation


Mystical Creativity: The Formation of the Kabbalat Shabbat service/a Journey through Lecha Dodi

Liturgy as Theology: We’re all Connected…God is everywhere, God is one


 Abraham: Father of Three Faiths: A close analysis of the biblical and rabbinic texts that tie the Abrahamic faiths together


Rebel Women of the Bible


Human Dimension of Text: A Study of Talmudic Tales


Bible Women: Their stories, their strength, and why the men would be nowhere without them

Make a Joyful Noise: The role of music and music-makers in the Bible


Persuasive Tactics: Biblical Examples of How to Argue with God and Win 


Creating modern Midrash by personally engaging with the characters in the text.


“Hey, What Kind of Friend are You?” Building lasting friendships based on Jewish values

When to Speak Up and When to Hold your Peace: Rebuke and Repercussions

Content of Our Character:  Jewish Ideals to Live By

From Kiddush to Kaddish – Our obsession with Holiness – what it is and how we attain it


A History of Israel through its Popular Songs

A snapshot of Israel through contemporary Israeli Poetry


A modern guide to understanding Jewish perspectives on altering the body- including piercing, tattooing, and plastic surgery.


Brit Ha’adamah: Jewish commitments to the planet 

Take a Hike!  Bringing meditation and Jewish contemplative practices into outdoor experiences. 

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